The organizers

FIERA ROMA, represents one of the largest and most accredited exhibition hubs in Europe. The Rome Fairgrounds is equipped with a multipurpose exhibition center of more than 390,000 sq. m. The extreme versatility of the facilities, designed to accommodate even several events at once, the efficiency of the services offered, the state-of-the-art technologies and the large organizational machine, make it the ideal place for trade fair exhibitions, professional meetings and business meetings of national and international scope.

ISI.URB was created with the intention of improving and increasing the attractiveness potential of cities and territories, focusing on creativity and culture as new engines of development. Central is the conception and organization of entertainingly and professionally important national and international events with high artistic, creative, productive, technological, and educational content. Through an established 20-year experience and a cross-media approach, ISI.URB is constantly engaged in the promotion and enhancement of culture and art.