Commodity sectors

At RO.ME – Museum Exhibition vendors from the following product categories are present:

Handicrafts for giftshop

(leather goods, ceramics, jewellery, textiles and fashion accessories)

Merchandise and branding for museums

(stationery, gadgets, coins, accessories)

Audioguides, audiovisuals and innovative multimedia content

Artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and serious gaming

Furnishings and fittings for museums and exhibition venues

(showcases, displays, shelving, furniture, accessories)

Management of permanent and temporary collections

Services and products for digitizing archives, collections, and libraries

Insurance, storage, protection and transportation, packaging, conservation of craft works/collections

Art advisory and banking

Illustrations, periodicals, and art publishing

Lighting, air conditioning, security, technical services and supplies for museums

Ticketing and ticketing systems

Education, cultural mediation and educational services for visitors and families

Communication, events and marketing

Cultural tourism and destination management