WhatsArt, the first smart and fun audio guide, is the service that allows visitors to enjoy audio guide service in all languages on their smartphone without having to download any new App!

Using WhatsApp, WhatsArt allows any cell phone to become an accurate and timely audio guide, adaptable by any museum, cultural institution, organization to its needs. The technology requires minimal connection from the location, allows multilingual enjoyment, and requires no downloads. Full functionality is offered to the user who is already accustomed to using WhatsApp on a daily basis.

Such a malleable, precise, and practically ready-made instrument makes it possible to offer all visitors a profound driving experience, without having to use devices and headsets touched by others, reducing any hygiene problems to zero. In addition, WhatsArt counteracts problems due to energy price hikes because there is no storage of devices (Audioguides, Videoguides, Tablets).

WhatsArt offers storytelling to fully engage the visitor. Due to the unique nature of the service, the visitor will receive a voice message directly from the artwork or one of the specially chosen protagonists, who will tell the most captivating stories and anecdotes to immerse the user in the relevant context.

With the user’s acceptance of a specially designed privacy policy, it will be possible for museums to display live statistics and through periodic reports usage data (languages, exhibitions, and selected works). In addition, it will be possible to communicate with visitors after the visit about the news of the place.