Interagens s.r.l., a microcompany founded in 2006, is specialized in advanced Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics & Visualization, and Machine Learning software development services, used to realize effective interactions between users and software or multimedia systems in several application areas (video games, communication, education, training).

A.I., Data Analytics & Visualization, Machine Learning

  • AI planning (classical planning, Hierarchical Task Networks) and situation-driven execution (behavior trees)
  • Monte Carlo Tree Search enhanced by heuristics
  • machine learning (Bayesian networks, SVMs, decision trees, hidden markov models, sequence mining, archetype analysis)
  • visualization systems for sequence analyses
  • planning, execution and analysis of experiments
  • descriptive and inferential measures and tests
  • design and execution of surveys, interviews, usability tests


Software & Multimedia Development

  • software development in Java, Python, C#, Julia, Javascript, Actionscript, PHP
  • integration of Artificial Intelligence systems for advanced management of interactions between users and applications
  • development of graphical user interfaces based on usability criteria, preliminary tests and pilot studies
  • development of accessible software and multimedia according to Web Accessibility Initiative guidelines
  • software update and maintenance according to changes in contents, client’s needs or users’ features



  • design and development of commercial and serious video games
  • Artificial Intelligence control methods for Non-Player Characters
  • graphic design
  • character design and animation
  • development and maintenance of dialogue editing tools
  • player interface design and development


Research & Development

  • planning and execution of research projects on artificial intelligence, video games, computer-based learning and human-computer interaction
  • preparation of research project proposals to submit to European and USA funding agencies
  • participation to international research project consortia


Company name: Interagens

Contatti aziendali: Dr. Paola Rizzo,,, +39 – 334 – 1879778