Sponsored and organized by Hubstract – Made For Art

Memory is the ability to retain, retrieve past information and experiences.

Historical memory places people in history as emotionally charged experiences among people and events, indelible traces of humanity.

Scientific research, storytelling and digital technologies enable us to reconstruct, preserve and pass on the memory of a community and lead it to future generations.

Because memory is the meaningful beauty of places, things, and people from which stories of cultural heritage, businesses, and archaeological sites arise.

And technology becomes a flexible tool to storytelling, like the elder who in ancient times in front of the cave fire told his tribe: it is the need to get excited, to know where we come from in order to choose where we will go.


  • Emilia Martinelli, art direction, storytelling
  • Luigi Vetrani, creative direction, digital design and fittings

The panel will be held on Friday, Nov. 18, from 1 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., in Room 2.