This panel brings together researchers, curators and technologists from across Europe to examine the ways in which digital collections are acquired, produced, displayed and made accessible to a range of different audiences. As more and more of our interactions with culture are mediated by some form of digital experience, this panel will consider some of the implications of digital technology on what is traditionally understood to be a largely physically and materially embedded element of museums and archives-their collections. The group will seek to discuss different aspects of digital collections, from the acquisition and display of digitally born artifacts in two museums in the United Kingdom, to telling artifact stories in digital museums in the Dolomites. The panel will also be an opportunity to reflect on different digital techniques and tools used in digital heritage, focusing on the use of augmented reality to discover and interact with collections. Finally, speakers will reflect on collections as data, taking their cue from digitization work that seeks to share collections data in an open, accessible and linkable way.

Keynote: Chiara Zuanni, Centre for Information Modelling, University of Graz


Giacomo Pompanin, co-founder and Digital Curator
Foteini Aravani, Museum of London
Francesca Bocasso, 1563 Foundation for Art and Culture of the Compagnia di San Paolo of Turin
Antonio Scuderi, CEO Capitale Cultura Group-Lecturer in Digital Heritage IED

Chair: Arran J Rees, University of Leeds

Language: English

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 16 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Picasso Room