Alberto Bruni

Alberto Bruni

Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali e per il turismo, Parco Archeologico di Pompei.


Current main activities and roles:


Responsible for the project “Safety & Security of the Pompeii Archaeological Park – Improvement of the intelligent and integrated safety & security standards of the  archaeological area of Pompeii and of the peripheral sites (UNESCO buffer)”. Funded by the National Operational Program “Legality” 2014-2020, axis 2 – action 2.1.1, “Integrated interventions aimed at increasing safety & security standards in strategic areas for
development” of the Ministry of the Interior.


Responsible for the “Smart@POMPEII” project aimed at a proper technological development for the construction of the first “Smart Archaeological Park”. It is also aimed at creating a  safety & security infrastructure, which favours the promotion of a “Secure Digital Ecosystem” for the development of sustainable tourism in the archaeological areas of the Pompeii  Archaeological Park and the so-called Buffer Zone – from the Great Pompeii Project to Smart @POMPEII. Further, it is aimed at creating an integrated multidisciplinary managerial/operational model based on integrated and innovative technologies that allowsits correct implementation and operation.


Responsible for the project “ISIDE – Shared and federated training program for the Safety & Security of MiBACT Cultural Places in the Campania region”, funded by the National Operational Program “Legality” 2014-2020 of the Ministry of the Interior, axis 5 – Improving skills of the Public Administration in the fight against corruption and organized crime, 5.1.1 – Qualification and empowerment actions of institutions, operators and stakeholders, 5.1.1.A. Training actions for the prevention and contrast of emerging crimes, crimes in evolution and
crimes also of international importance.


Coordinator of the “Memorandum of Understanding for the implementation of actions in the areas of legality and safety & security in areas with a productive vocation and cultural attractions” between the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and the Ministry of the Interior