The BACC Award – The Shape of Wine

The BACC Award – The Shape of Wine, established and promoted by IR.Vi.T. – Regional Institute Ville Tuscolane and by the Contemporanea, calls on Artists and Designers to seek, through aesthetic fascination, proposals for a new container of wine, whether in the form suitable for tasting, pouring or storage with the aim of promoting the mass production or single acquisition of artifacts through the production of new works of art.
Of the one hundred and fifty projects received, forty-eight works – 32 in the Artist category and 16 in the Design category – were attentively considered and selected by the Jury of the Prize, which will be presented at RO.ME – Museum Exhibition and directly evaluated by the participating public.

The BACC Award is sponsored by: Lazio Region, IRVIT Municipality of Frascati, ADI – per il Desegno Industriale, AICC – Italiana Città della Ceramica, MIC – Museo Internazionale della Ceramica, Carlo Zauli Museum in Faenza, SAV – Selv Art Ville.