MuseumMate – Audioguide Professionali

MuseumMate – Audioguide Professionali

Stand E25

MuseumMate has been promoting the use of technology and digital solutions within museums and cultural institutions around the world for more than 20 years.

Today, our offer consists of the production and supply of the latest generation audioguide and its own management software which allows Museum management to administer large amounts of data in real time and have the full control of multimedia content (not only in audio format, but also in video, images, graphics, text, etc.)

The new smart device, SmartGuide, respond to the habits of every type of visitor and help to enrich and improve their experience of visiting the Museum.

MuseumMate offer an innovative formula of storytelling adopting unique narrative techniques with which demonstrate the core message of the Museum through the emotion of the visitor.

Finally, we provide maintenance, assistance and staff services for the performance of the Museum’s in-house activities.